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Quora clone write in Ruby on Rails.


Install there software at first

  • Linux (suggest Ubuntu 10.10+) or Mac OS X (Don’t try it on Windows, and send error messages to me!)
  • Ruby 1.9.2 (not support 1.9.1 or 1.8)
  • MongoDB 1.8
  • Redis 2.2.2
  • Node.js 0.4.5
  • Coreseek 4.0.1 (In English content, you can use Sphinx 1.10)
  • Git


Start Redis, Mongodb first, you need

$ sudo service redis start
$ sudo service mongodb start

Download Quora source code from Github

$ git clone git://

Configure Quora

$ cd quora
$ bundle install --path vendor/bundle
$ cp config/mongoid.yml.default config/mongoid.yml
$ cp config/setting.yml.default config/setting.yml
$ cp config/redis.yml.default config/redis.yml
$ cp config/zomet.yml.default config/zomet.yml
$ cp config/sphinx.yml.default config/sphinx.yml

Create Sphinx config files and index the database to Sphinx (Before here, you need install Coreseek first.)

$ rake mongoid_sphinx:configure
$ rake mongoid_sphinx:index
$ rake mongoid_sphinx:start

If you have Quora project old data in the Mongodb, you need to run this script to index the old data for search

$ rake search:index

After, run Rails Server

$ rails s

Then, open your browser, points to
That is it, enjoy yourself.

If you have any Issues or Questions, please send message to Quora Issues on Github.

About like project with Ruby on Rails (不再维护)



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