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2012.07, dr.nitro

"FFmpeg on Android" project is the open source project for multimedia play
service which is adopt to Android OS 4.0. "FFmpeg on Android" project is ori-
ginally designed by dr.nitro and powered by InSignal Co., Ltd.

"FFmpeg on Android" project is to enhance multimedia support on Android OS,
starts on 4.0 ICS version. Currently Android OS has many limits to support
variety multimedia formats, using specific H/W resources, not also S/W. So,
we expact, if we can use the famus FFmpeg library in Andorid OS with little
modification on Android Stagefright; We can overcome many current limits in
Android muntimedia supports easly.

Media Flow
"FFmpeg on Android" is designed to use FFmpeg library on Android OS, and less
to modify current Android framework, Stagefright. So, "FFmpeg on Andorid"
adopt the "Flow-By-Pass" model. "Flow-By-Pass" model designs by pass multi-
media flow inside of stagefright framework for FFmpeg case. Below flow shows
how we adopt "Flow-By-Pass" model to use FFmpeg library.

 a) stagefright original flow (in case of AVI)
		file source -> aviextractor -> avisource -> omx-codec
 b) FFmpeg on Android flow
		FFmpegSource(*) -> ffextractor(*) -> ffsource(*) -> omx-codec

(*) is newly added component on FFmpeg on Andorid.

Supported Media Format
 - Container    : AVI
 - Video Format : XVID
 - Audio Format : MP3

Current Issues
 - There is a bug on seek operation when playing A/V muxed file.

All the source code of "FFmpeg-on-Android" is under Apache license v2.0. If
you want to know more details about Apache license, see LICENSE file.

Contact to us
If you want to contect to us, please visit official web site, And if you want to contact us,
please send an email to "".