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中文说明 | Concise主题介绍 | Concise's wiki
Concise is the theme I currently use for Hexo. It is based on Light and Pacman. See my blog as a Demo.


Execute the following command .

git clone https://github.com/huangjunhui/concise.git themes/concise


Modify theme setting in blog folder _config.yml to concise.


Execute the following command .

cd themes/concise
git pull origin master


Modify settings in /themes/concise/_config.yml.


  • menu - Main navigation menu
  • widget - Widgets displaying in sidebar.The category,tag,rss,search,tagcloud,links,weibo are supported.
  • duoshuo_enable - whether to use duoshuo
  • duoshuo_shortname - duoshuo comments.
  • tencent_sid - tencent analysis
  • baidu_sid - baidu statistics id
  • Image
    Images about favicon, site logo, author image.
  • excerpt_link - "Read More" link text at the bottom of excerpted articles
  • twitter - Twitter widget config
    • username - Twitter username
    • show_replies - Enable displaying replies
    • tweet_count - Tweets display in widget
  • fancybox - Enable [Fancybox]
  • google_analytics - Google Analytics ID
  • rss - RSS subscription link (change if using Feedburner)
  • author
    Author imformation, used to show your social network links on the bottom right. Including github, twitter, facebook, linkedin, google+, weibo, tsina.