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A Shell-based Ghost Static Generator
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A Shell-based Ghost Static Generator


  1. Have your local Ghost website ready first.

  2. Install wget. For MacOS, simply run brew install wget.

  3. Save file in the root directory of your local Ghost website. Modify the # Define urls and https section as follows:

    # Define urls and https
    from_url=http://localhost:2368 # change this if your local ghost url is different # change it to your real domain name
    to_https=true # set true to enable HTTPS (e.g. GitHub Pages)
  4. Give execution permission to it:

    chmod +x
  5. Run it:

  6. Then go to static folder:

    cd static
  7. Initiate a new git repo, commit everything here and push to your new GitHub repo:

    git init
    git add .
    git commit "Initial Commit"
    git remote add origin<your_user_name>/<repo_name>.git
    git push -u origin master
  8. Enable GitHub Pages in settings.

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