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You can find here our existing & future features covered in CNI-Genie

Feature 2: CNI-Genie "Multiple IP Addresses"

Use Case

  • Multiple IP addresses can be injected into a single container making the container reachable across multiple networks
    • User-story: In a serverless platform the “Request Dispatcher” container that receives requests from customers of all different tenants needs to be able to pass the request to the right tenant. As a result, is should be reachable on the networks of all tenants
    • User-story: Many Telecom vendors are adopting container technology. For a router/firewall application to run in a container, it needs to have multiple interfaces



How it should work

  • Step 1: same as Step 1 in

  • Step 2:

    • User inputs his network(s) of choice in pod annotations. For instance, the following yaml configurations can be used to get 2 IP addresses one from Weave and one from Canal:
apiVersion: v1
kind: Pod
  name: nginx-multiips
    app: web
    cni: "weave,canal"
    - name: key-value-store
      image: nginx:latest
      imagePullPolicy: IfNotPresent
        - containerPort: 6379
  • Step 3: same as Step 3 in

  • Step 4: same as Step 4 in

  • Step 5:

    • Genie calls the network(s) requested by the user and injects Multiple IPs, one per each request, into a single container

    • The container reachable across multiple networks


Feature 2 Extension: CNI-Genie "Multiple IP Addresses PER POD"

  • This Work In-Progress (WIP) is an extension of Feature 2 where IP addresses are not only assigned to the container, but are also injected to the respective Pod object annotations.
  • A design document was prepared and shared with Kubernetes SIG Network community.
  • Watch the PoC demo to see how it works: