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Efficient AI Backbones including GhostNet, TNT and MLP, developed by Huawei Noah's Ark Lab.

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Efficient AI Backbones

including GhostNet, TNT (Transformer in Transformer), AugViT, WaveMLP and ViG developed by Huawei Noah's Ark Lab.


2024/02/27 The paper of ParameterNet is accepted by CVPR 2024.

2022/12/01 The code of NeurIPS 2022 (Spotlight) GhostNetV2 is released at ./ghostnetv2_pytorch.

2022/11/13 The code of IJCV 2022 G-Ghost RegNet is released at ./g_ghost_pytorch.

2022/06/17 The code of NeurIPS 2022 Vision GNN (ViG) is released at ./vig_pytorch.

2022/02/06 Transformer in Transformer (TNT) is selected as the Most Influential NeurIPS 2021 Papers.

2021/09/18 The extended version of Versatile Filters is accepted by T-PAMI.

2021/08/30 GhostNet paper is selected as the Most Influential CVPR 2020 Papers.

Model zoo

Model Paper Pytorch code MindSpore code
GhostNet GhostNet: More Features from Cheap Operations. [CVPR 2020] ./ghostnet_pytorch MindSpore Model Zoo
GhostNetV2 GhostNetV2: Enhance Cheap Operation with Long-Range Attention. [NeurIPS 2022 Spotlight] ./ghostnetv2_pytorch MindSpore Model Zoo
G-GhostNet GhostNets on Heterogeneous Devices via Cheap Operations. [IJCV 2022] ./g_ghost_pytorch MindSpore Model Zoo
TinyNet Model Rubik’s Cube: Twisting Resolution, Depth and Width for TinyNets. [NeurIPS 2020] ./tinynet_pytorch MindSpore Model Zoo
TNT Transformer in Transformer. [NeurIPS 2021] ./tnt_pytorch MindSpore Model Zoo
PyramidTNT PyramidTNT: Improved Transformer-in-Transformer Baselines with Pyramid Architecture. [CVPR 2022 Workshop] ./tnt_pytorch MindSpore Model Zoo
CMT CMT: Convolutional Neural Networks Meet Vision Transformers. [CVPR 2022] ./cmt_pytorch MindSpore Model Zoo
AugViT Augmented Shortcuts for Vision Transformers. [NeurIPS 2021] ./augvit_pytorch MindSpore Model Zoo
SNN-MLP Brain-inspired Multilayer Perceptron with Spiking Neurons. [CVPR 2022] ./snnmlp_pytorch MindSpore Model Zoo
WaveMLP An Image Patch is a Wave: Quantum Inspired Vision MLP. [CVPR 2022] ./wavemlp_pytorch MindSpore Model Zoo
ViG Vision GNN: An Image is Worth Graph of Nodes. [NeurIPS 2022] ./vig_pytorch -
LegoNet LegoNet: Efficient Convolutional Neural Networks with Lego Filters. [ICML 2019] ./legonet_pytorch -
Versatile Filters Learning Versatile Filters for Efficient Convolutional Neural Networks. [NeurIPS 2018] ./versatile_filters -
ParameterNet ParameterNet: Parameters Are All You Need. [CVPR 2024]. ./parameternet_pytorch -