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The Hummingbird project

The Hummingbird projct is a complete solution for API Testing, Service Simulation and Test Automation. Release Article


The hummingbird project contains following components

  • Hummingbird App : The main application to run manual tests, service simulation, test automation and integrated tools.
  • Hummingbird CLI : The command line interface of hummingbird. This tool can be used with a continuous integration to run automated tests and report test results.
  • Report Viewer : The tool to view automated test results. When installing the hummingbird application package, All above components will be included.

Independent components

  • Hummingbird Test Framework : This library is used by the application and can be used as a Development Kit to develop Extensions. This library is released as a NuGet package.
  • Hummingbird UI : A Modern UI framework that is developped on WPF to provided fluid and interactive user experiences. This library is also release as NuGet package that you can build your own Modern UI applications.

List of components, resources and build status

Resource Description Version Status
Hummingbird App Main application Dev Build status
Stable Build status
Website Build status
SMS-C Simulator SMS-C Extension OpenSource Build status
Hummingbird Airlines Demo services OpenSource Build status

Hummingbird UI Framework Resources

Resource Description Build Status
UI Framework NuGet Package Build status
UI Framework DEMO Demo application of US Framework Build status
Test Framework NuGet Package Stable