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A ModernUI framework based on WPF, helps building professional desktop applications
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Hummingbird UI Framework

A ModernUI framework based on WPF, helps building professional desktop applications. This is the repository of the Framework and Demo application.

To view developpement documentation, please refer to:

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It's all about buiding professional looking applications.


Design Modern UI applications

Hummingbird UI Framework provides easy to use classes to build User Friendly, Interactive and responsive WPF applications.

Built-in and custom themes

The whole library comes with 10 built-in themes including Light and Dark themes with the possibility to use your own theme definition.


Built-in Icons

To easily build application with professional feel and look, Hummingbird UI library comes with more than 1200 community-led vectors icons. And gives the possibility to use Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 icon fonts


Native controls

Hummingbird UI Framework restyles all Native .NET Controls. Develop as before no need to apply manually the styles to each control.

Build an Modern application in 5 minute

Using Hummingbird UI Framework, and you can create your first Modern UI Application very quickly. For more information, please following the tutorial of this link: Hummingbird.UI - Quick Start

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