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Your tech stack doesn't need so much energy

Scaphandre [skafɑ̃dʁ] is a metrology agent dedicated to electrical power consumption metrics. The goal of the project is to permit to any company or individual to measure the power consumption of its tech services and get this data in a convenient form, sending it through any monitoring or data analysis toolchain.

Scaphandre means heavy diving suit in 🇫🇷. It comes from the idea that tech related services often don't track their power consumption and thus don't expose it to their clients. Most of the time the reason is a presumed bad ROI. Scaphandre makes, for tech providers and tech users, easier and cheaper to go under the surface to bring back the desired power consumption metrics, take better sustainability focused decisions, and then show the metrics to their clients to allow them to do the same.

This project was born from a deep sense of duty from tech workers. Please refer to the why section for know more about its goals.

Warning: this is still a very early stage project. Any feedback or contribution will be highly appreciated. Please refer to the contribution section.


Join us on Gitter or Matrix !


  • measuring power consumption on bare metal hosts
  • measuring power consumption of qemu/kvm virtual machines from the host
  • exposing power consumption metrics of a virtual machine, to allow manipulating those metrics in the VM as if it was a bare metal machine (relies on hypervisor features)
  • exposing power consumption metrics as a prometheus (HTTP) exporter
  • sending power consumption metrics to riemann
  • sending power consumption metrics to Warp10
  • works on kubernetes
  • storing power consumption metrics in a JSON file
  • showing basic power consumption metrics in the terminal

Here is an example dashboard built thanks to scaphandre:

📄 How to ... ?

You'll find everything you may want to know about scaphandre in the documentation, like:

If you are only interested in the code documentation here it is.

📅 Roadmap

The ongoing roadmap can be seen here. Feature requests are welcome, please join us.

⚖️ Footprint

In opposition to its name, scaphandre aims to be as light and clean as possible. One of the main focus areas of the project is to come as close as possible to a 0 overhead, both about resources consumption and power consumption.