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Napolean, lover of metric

This is a Ruby tool to collect metrics and submit them to Librato metrics. To make it work you'll need:

  • Ruby
  • A Librato Metrics account


Napolean is a Ruby gem, so just run gem install napolean, you'll then need to create a config file. By default /etc/napolean.conf will be loaded, but you can specify any other path on the command line. It should look like this:

$librato_username = ""
$librato_key = "YOUR API KEY"

# Provide some MySQL credentials to collect stats on command usage
# $mysql_username = "root"
# $mysql_password = "password"

# The source to list metrics from. Defaults to the current machine's hostname.
$source = `hostname --fqdn`.strip

# Turn this on for testing so that data doesn't get submitted to Librato.
$do_not_submit = false

# Any Ruby files found in these paths will be loaded and used as collectors.
# $collector_paths = [ "/usr/libexec/napolean/" ]

Running Napolean

It goes a little something like this: napolean [/path/to/napolean.conf]. If you want to use the default config file from /etc/napolean.conf just run napolean. It'll log to STDOUT, if you want to send it elsewhere pipe that to logger.