PHP wrapper for comfortable access to the mite API.
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Mitey - PHP Wrapper for the mite API

This script provides easy access to the mite API via php objects. You'll be able to use code hinting in your IDE.


Mitey requires the following

  • PHP 5.3.0 or higher
  • PHP cURL

Quick start

Clone this repo into any webserver and call examples/index.php, there you can put in your mite API credentials and test some methods and check the response values this script provides. If you are, for whatever reason, not able to clone this, you can go to for the example page.


// include the Mite class
require_once 'mite/Mite.php';
// instantiate the object with your credentials

Now you have access to all methods the mite API has, for example get objects of all your customers

$customers = $mite->getCustomers();
for ($customers->rewind(); $customers->valid(); $customers->next())
	$customer = $customers->current();
	echo $customer->name . "<br />";

// all this methods will return iterator objects
$iterator = $mite->getArchivedProjects();
$iterator = $mite->getCustomers();
$iterator = $mite->getProjects();
$iterator = $mite->getTimes();
$iterator = $mite->getGroupedTimes(array('week, project'));
$iterator = $mite->getUsers();

Get customer details of a specified account

$customer = $mite->getCustomer(1234); // 1234 is the needed customer id
// $customer contains a object of type MiteCustomer

Add new stuff to your mite account (customers, projects, times)

// new customer
$newCustomer = $mite->addCustomer(array(
	'name' => 'My new customer name',
	'note' => 'Generated via Mitey, totally easy. Whoop whoop.'

// new project
$newProject = $mite->addProject(array(
	'name' => 'My brand new project',
	'note' => 'Generated via Mitey, totally easy. Whoop whoop.',
	'customer_id' => $newCustomer->id

// new time entry
$newtime = $mite->addTime(
	date('Y-m-d'), 			// date of time entry
	666, 					// time in seconds
	'My workdescription, created via Mitey, whoop whoop.',
	$mite->getMyself()->id,	// user id
	$newProject->id,		// optional: project id
	false					// optional: service id

Look into the code Mite/Mite.php for a complete list of methods this library provides.


In case you wanna get in touch, it's easy!