Track your life with Nomie Pro and the Amazon Alexa
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Nomie Pro Alexa Skill

Track your life with Nomie Pro and the Amazon Alexa


Quick Start

  1. Create an AWS Lambda function using as the code
    • You can follow the official Amazon instructions to give you a hand
    • You can use test_event.json as your test template
    • Consider extending the timeout beyond the default of 3 seconds (I raised mine to 10, which is likely excessive, but eliminated some sporadic errors e.g. #1)
    • Put your Nomie API Key into an environment variable called "NOMIE_KEY" and also put your Alexa Skill Identifier in an environement variable called "SKILL_ID". For help view the documentation
    • (Optional) If any of your trackers have unpronounceable/incompatible names such as #1, create an environment variable for them (e.g. "pee": "#1")
  2. Create a new Alexa Skill using intent_schema.json and sample_utterances.txt
  3. Don't publish the skill (because it uses your personal Nomie API Key), leave it in development mode
  4. Test that it's working from the web interface during the creation of the skill
  5. Test that it's working with your Echo