Context-aware sensor game using Arduino Mega ADK and Android
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Arduino Sensor Game

Latest technological achievements in mobile and open-source electronics platforms made it possible to develop pervasive applications that use environmental information to enhance software usability aspects in real-time, like in the case of context-aware mobile games. However, the development of this kind of pervasive applications is tied to specic aspects owned by each mobile platform (e.g. programming language, SDK and tools, etc.). ort and knowledge in low-level programming techniques is required for porting the applications between platforms, and thus in general most of the solutions are targeted at particular platform. In order to investigate the possibility of creating portable pervasive applications that combine sensor information from the multiple micromechanical artefacts embedded within the smartphones, we used contextual sensor data provided by Arduino Microcontroller. The current example extends the existing implementation of PhoneGap to create hybrid mobile applications based on HTML5 that are easy to port, maintain and reuse.


Tanel Tähepõld, Huber Flores - Context-aware Mobile Games using Android, Arduino and HTML5 (2012)