A toolkit for building interactive information visualization applications.
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Prefuse is a Java-based toolkit for building interactive information visualization applications. It was developed until 2007 by its original author, Jeffrey Heer. Prefuse is licensed under the terms of a BSD license and can be freely used for both commercial and non-commercial purposes. The original website is at prefuse.org.

This project at GitHub is a fork by Hanns Holger Rutz which aims at providing easy maven access for several projects which depend on Prefuse. All changes are released under the same original license.


The following changes and refactorings have been applied on the original code as published through the beta-20071021 snapshot:

  • since I use Prefuse in Scala environments, the building is now done with the simple-build-tool instead of ant. Nevertheless, the source code and resulting jar are merely Java 1.4, so you can still use the build without any Scala dependencies.
  • it builds with sbt 0.7.7, using normal targets update and compile. the parent project contains two sub projects core and demos, where the original plain library corresponds to core.
  • the original readme.txt has been renamed to readme_original.txt
  • all the license files have been moved into the licenses folder
  • the ant files have been removed: ant.jar, build.xml and the shell scripts for running ant
  • the eclipse files .classpath and .project have been removed
  • the directory structure has been changed to reflect the default layout of sbt
  • an arbitrary version number 0.20 has been chosen as offset for the artefact
  • the sources have been converted from latin1 to utf8 encoding
  • the api docs have been removed from the source folder. the can be rebuild as scaladoc files with sbt target doc.
  • several occurances of AbstractTreeMap.Entry have been corrected in prefuse.util.collections so javadoc doesn’t choke on them
  • the data folder was split into demos/src/main/resources and sample_data
  • a demo selector class prefuse.demos.Demos has been added. To run it: sbt 'project demos' run
  • TreeTest has been modified so that it won’t depend on the TreeMap demo anymore (it has a copy of the data set now).

The following fixes have been incorporated

  • #3048039 Iterator bug in Dynamic Aggregate removal


If you develop a Scala project using sbt and want it to depend on Prefuse, you can now add the following line to your project file (sbt 0.7):

val prefuse = "de.sciss" % "prefuse-core" % "0.21"


  • It seems as if scaladoc does not fully work with the java sources. Although the class tree is properly build, the comments seem to have gone. This issue must be resolved in a future release.
  • The JUnit 3 tests compile, but I don’t know how to launch them. sbt test does not seem to see them. If you are a JUnit expert and know how solve this issue, please get in touch.