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sbt, a build tool for Scala
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Pull request Compare This branch is 24 commits ahead, 4027 commits behind sbt:1.0.x.
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cache legal cleanup Feb 7, 2010
compile fix a compile test May 13, 2010
interface annotation detection test Mar 28, 2010
ivy always use 'jar' as packaging type if there is an artifact with a 'ja… Jan 4, 2011
launch 0.7.5.RC0 Nov 13, 2010
licenses Add missing LICENSE_Apache referenced from NOTICE Jan 29, 2010
main preserve compiler interface classes across invocations Mar 13, 2010
project precompile against 2.8.1, update an obsolete reference to 2.8.0-SNAPSHOT Nov 13, 2010
sbt Closes #100 - Canonicalize boot jars Jan 3, 2011
scripted legal cleanup Feb 8, 2010
util new method FileUtilities.stash May 21, 2010
LICENSE Jason's patch to work with latest changes to CompilerCommand Mar 26, 2010
NOTICE clarification in NOTICE Mar 26, 2010
api.specification Polymorphic types and fix parameterized type arguments to be Type and… Jan 7, 2010
launch.specification minor fixes to launch specification Jan 10, 2010
notes history help May 4, 2010
scripted.specification New scripted test framework Nov 9, 2009
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