Sigfox wind station
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Sigfox wind station

This project was created for model airport to know when are good conditions for flying. This project consists of hardware, this firmware and backend Python script which sends data to ThingSpeak account (

Right now the station is offline and no graphs are shown

Photos of the hardware and installation


This weather stations has rainfall sensor and temperature/humidity electronics with 433 transmitter. This rainfall and transmitter is not used in this project. It is possible to find a shop which sells just separate parts and build can be then cheaper.

The wind speed/direction measurement is wired to the Sensor Module. The wiring can be found in this PDF


Right now the rain sensor is not used and implemented. But should be fairly easy to add. Also the temperature is not measuring, because the electronics is in the weatherproof box.

For future there are plans to extend this station to measure external temperature and pressure with Barometer Tag