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Real Time Email Verification for API lowers

Use this API to verify email addresses in real time. You can implement into your application, software or website.

Using this API you can prevent invalid and disposable email addresses getting into your subscriber lists.

HuBuCo offers the fastest real time email verification system on the market at incredibly low prices.

FREE Email Verification API

You can verify 100 emails every day for free.

Do you need more than 100 emails a day? Find out about HuBuCo's pricing:, about monthly plans:

PHP, Go, Bash, Node, Python

There are sample codes in this repository for major programming languages.

Easy to use

There are 2 variables in each API call

[email] the email address you would like to verify

[api] is you unique API key that you can find in your HuBuCo account

Optional variable for Rocket Plan users only

[timeout] set after how many seconds should the connection terminate in case the recipient's server is not responding. You can set between 2 and 60 seconds. Default timeout is 20 seconds.

Test API key

Test API key for developers: "API_KEY_FOR_TEST"

Response time

HuBuCo offers the fastest real time API on the market. For the best performance start a Rocket plan.


24 / 7 - 99.9% uptime

(with 3 backup servers)

Result Codes - Results

1 - ok

2 - catch_all

3 - unknown

4 - error

5 - disposable

6 - invalid

More info about results:

Which email addresses shall I send emails to?

Detailed advise from email deliverability expert here:

Great Support

Should you need any further information, or need any help, please contact support here: