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project leaders
Miguel Freitas <>
many bug and deadlock fixes, engine maintenance, soft deinterlacer,
massive libwin32 updates
Michael Roitzsch <>
several dxr3 fixes, massive engine contributions, multistream and
post plugin architecture, DVD navigation
Mike Melanson <>
a whole bunch of file demuxers, lots of audio and video decoders,
assorted other input sources and utilities
Thibaut Mattern <>
demuxer cleanups and fixes, mms input plugin fixes, xml parser,
mmsh protocol support
project administrator
Siegfried Langauf <>
Debian package, user support, project administration,
plugin loader
Diego 'Flameeyes' Pettenò <>
build system improvements, LE_64/BE_64 macro fixes, lots of clean-up
project admin / release manager
Darren Salt <>
Debian packaging, bug fixes, some clean-up, various minor features,
patch handler
Guenter Bartsch <>
xine founder, former project leader
Daniel Caujolle-Bert <>
various suggestions, bug and build fixes, alsa plugin,
main xine-ui programming
Heiko Schaefer <>
FreeBSD support, testing, ideas
Rich Wareham <>
subtitle support, navigation, libdvdnav
Rocky Bernstein ~/<>
Enhanced VCD support
James Courtier-Dutton <>
AC3 direct out via spdif on oss, subtitle interface, audio_output
Juergen Keil <>
Solaris port and other bugfixes
Matthias Hopf <>
IRIX port, video out interface, opengl video output
Robin KAY <komadori [at] gekkou [dot] co [dot] uk>
xvr100, pgx64/pgx24, and pgx32 video output plugins, WVE demuxer, MNG
demuxer, EA ADPCM decoder, Solaris port improvements and bugfixes, various
video_out, misc bugfixes
Stephen Torri <>
Automake, autoconf, libtool development, and build fixes,
health check
Stefan Holst <>
real media streaming support, input_net fixes, image demuxer/decoder
frontend programming
Andreas Heinchen <>
theora support, subtitles in ogm streams
Manfred Tremmel <>
iff support, spec-file
James Stembridge <>
VIDIX driver, real media and ffmpeg interface fixes and improvements
mpeg-4 postprocessing, initial software DTS decoding
František Dvořák <>
czech translations and multilanguage support (xine lib/ui),
RIP Input Plugin, WIN32 porting, lots of other improvements and bugfixes
Reinhard Tartler <>
Debian packaging, bug fixes
xine is using
mpeg2dec - a free MPEG-2 video stream decoder
liba52 - a free A/52 audio stream decoder
Written by Aaron Holtzman <>
maintained and massively enhanced by Michel Lespinasse <>
libmpg123 - a free MPEG audio decoder
Written by Michael Hipp <>
FFmpeg - Streaming Multimedia System
Written by Fabrice Bellard <>
libmad - MPEG audio decoder
Written by Robert Leslie <>
avifile (Win32 codecs and DirectShow support) <>
Written by Eugene Kuznetsov and Zdenek Kabelac
FAAD2 - Freeware Advanced Audio Decoder version 2
Written by M. Bakker <>
libdts - a free DTS Coherent Acoustics decoder
Written by Gildas Bazin <>
GSM 06.10 Lossy Speech Compression Library
Written by Jutta Degener and Carsten Bormann
win32 codec support (windows media / quicktime / real codecs) is based on work from:
some demuxers and decoders (especially the real demuxer) and
MMX/MMX2/SSE memcpy methods (among other things) are based on work from
the vidix video system from
VCD interpretation code in the extended VCD plugin from VCDImager
by Herbert Valerio Riedel
CD I/O routines for the above from GNU libcdio
by Rocky Bernstein and Herbert Valerio Riedel
Goom - visual effects generator
Written by Jean-Christophe Hoelt et. al.
Nosefart v1.92 - NES Music Simulator
Written by Matt Conte
PCM time-domain equalizer
Copyright (C) 2002 Felipe Rivera <liebremx at users sourceforge net>
many thanks to the Linux Video and DVD Project "LiViD"
(, where the original ideas for the xine
video player came from.
Alan Cox
bug fixes, net-input-plugin
Alexander G. Rubio <>
many thanks for those great skins to
Marc Bufe <>
web design
Hugo Trippaers <>
Xinerama support
Roland Barmettler <>
NTSC aspect ratio patches
nakamura <>
Liner PCM patch
Bruno Schwander <>
Soren Schmidt <>
input_vcd code for FreeBSD
Christoph Pittracher <>
pitt skin
Dave Gilbert <>
alpha support
Bastien Nocera <>
gnome-vfs input plugin, powerpc patch, bug fixes
Philip Stadermann <>
arts audio server support, kde frontend
Jérôme Villette <>
'xinetic', 'CelomaGold', 'CelomaMdk', 'CelomaChrome', 'Centori'
and 'Keramic' skins.
Bill Fink <>
powerpc patches, oss output softsync, "skip by chapter" feature
Gert Vervoort <>
LPCM audio decoder plugin, ffmpeg aspect ratio
Peter Weissgerber <>
alsa 05 plugin fixes
Alfredo J. Delaiti
FAQ spanish translation
Marco Solari <>
FAQ and README italian translation
Luis Silva <>
xine about movie
Harm van der Heijden <>
libdivx4 plugin, dxr3 support and encoding
Chris Rankin <>
configurable VCD device patch, rv40 support
Andrew Meredith <>
Snapshot feature
Stefan Reinauer <>
ia64, s/390 patches
Bartlomiej Muryn <>
README.dxr3 and .po Polish translations, dxr3 testing
Damien Clermonte <>
http input plugin patches
Matthias Dahl <>
syncfb video-out plugin, XF86VidMode support, FAQ/README overhaul,
Marcelo Roberto Jimenez <>
w32dll audio and xine-ui bugfixes
George Staikos <>
xinerama bugfixes
Juan Manuel García Molina <>
spanish internationalization files.
Jeffrey W. Baker <>
altivec support for libmpeg2
Gurer Ozen <>
gtk+ frontend
Tommi Asiala <>
Readme in Finnish
Daniel Erat <>
'cloudy' skin.
Ewald Snel <>
metronom sync loop fix, safe ffmpeg multithread init, memleak fixes
Bruno Pinaud <>
french translation updates/fixes.
Philipp Matthias Hahn <>
many translation files and man pages updates/fixes
Tomas Kovar <>
slovak internationalization files (xine lib), xvid support
Daniel Bena <>
slovak internationalization files (xine ui, xine lib).
Scott Smith <>
yuv2rgb optimizations and downscaling support
Jirka Novak <>
font encoding support for avi subtitles
Michael Jochum <>
avi multiple audio stream support
Andrei Lahun <>
mms/browser plugin enhancements, asf fixes
Sergiy Kudryk <>
ukrainian internationalization files (xine ui).
Ian Goldberg <>
streaming AVI support (plays growing files), >2GB AVI files
Rogerio Brito <>
C version for linear blend deinterlacer
Tim Ferguson <>
CYUV, RoQ, and Id CIN video decoders
Andrew Patrikalakis <>
powerpc assembly memcpy() implementaions with assistance from
Rogerio Brito <>
Benjamin Herrenschmidt <>
Michel Dänzer <>
Giovanni Baronetti and Mauro Borghi <>
demux_ts fixes and improvements
Carsten Weinhold <>
patch to improve quality of linearblend filter, new AV sync
method by resampling audio, fixed pthread starvation in audio out,
improved audio vpts precision
Claire Griffin <>
demux_ts fixes for ATSC streams
Staszek Pasko <>
binary index search for avi demuxer
Dan Lindstrom <>
64-bit Quicktime fixes
Andres Salomon <>
memory leakage fixes
Pierre Lombard <>
patch to avoid loss of first line in linearblend deinterlacer
Igor Mokrushin <>
Software stereo volume control for aRts
Roberto Togni <>
RPZA video decoder
Mario Brito <>
Wing Commander III video decoder
Howdy Pierce <>
pgx64 memory corruption patch, xshm bounds check patch
demux_ts bugfixes
James Slorach <>
fix for wrong abs() macro, deinterlacing fix, reported problem
with estimation used by video_out to discard frames.
Steffen Lorscheider <>
gui programming
Paul Flinders <>
stdin/net plugin testing/bugfixes, audio downsampling
Joachim Koenig <>
teletux/syncfb video output module, various bugfixes/reviews, alsa
Christian Bauer <>
gui bugfixes (wm support, clean exit)
Eduard Hasenleithner <>
dxr3 support
Christian Vogler <>
closed caption decoding, osd fixes
Dennis Bjorklund <>
configurable size of avi subtitles, patch to fix flashing subtitles in
Xavier Izard <>
Xinerama fullscreen bugfix.
Anders D. Wiehe <>
OSD stream informations patch.
Zoltán Böszörményi <>
tremendous help in porting sputext to 1.0 API
Micael Beronius <>
Chris Purnell <>
DVB plugin port to new API, DVB-C support, updates, fixes
Mattias Eriksson <>
ported nvtv/tvmode code
John McCutchan <>
flac demuxer and decoder
Fredrik Noring <>
linux fb frontend. improved fb driver with zero copy
Marco Zühlke <>
visualization improvements, demuxer cleanups
Julio Sánchez <>
patch for drawing OSD bitmaps
Stuart Caie <>
Playstation STR file demuxer, CD-ROM/XA ADPCM decoder
Markus Plail <>
DTS passthrough improvements
Dilb (?)
demux_ogg.c strongarm patch
Dan Dennedy <>
rawdv demuxer fixes, dvaudio patch, stdin input fixes
Andreas Heinchen <>
xvid/divx/mpeg4 testing, patches and bugfixes
OGM subtitles support
Mariusz Pekala <>
vplayer subtitle format fixes
Tim Champagne <>
Matthew Grooms
msvc win32 port
Conrad Parker <>
speex, Annodex and CMML support
Marcel Janssen <>
libavcodec MPEG encoder for DXR3
Dirk Meyer <>
stdctl patches for xine-ui and fbxine.
post filter support for fbxine.
Darren Vincent Hart <>
libstk video out plugin
Philip Jägenstedt <>
rework of aspect ratio to support float values
Laurent Aimar <>
MPEG demuxer fixes
Adrian Schroeter <>
AMD64 support
Simon Truss <>
metronom fix for duplicated pts
Jeroen Asselman <>
v4l improvements, audio support
Njål T. Borch <>
Ipv6 patch
Ramon van der Aar <>
Network Buffer Controler patch, RTP/UDP plugin improvements
Jack Steven Kelliher <>
XvMC support
ATSC support for the DVB plugin
Wang WenRui <>
encoding of URL with multibyte characters in MMS
Giovanni Venturi <>
.po Italian translations
Drew 'dantealiegri' Ogle <>
xitk fixes, xitk Xft support.
Stephen Birch <>
RTP/UDP plugin fixes and improvements
Debian woody backport
autoprobe devfs in OSS audio output plugin
Tilmann Bitterberg <>
OpenDML (AVI2.0) support
Paul Eggleton <>
Amiga MOD support
Jeff Smith <>
CACA video output plugin
Yann Vernier <>
Via Ezra cpu detection, colorkey overlay support for OSD
David Woodhouse
file (wave) audio out plugin
endian fixes in the pnm and rtsp input plugins
Koos Vriezen <>
asx ENTRYREF tag handling
Ian MacIntosh <>
Video resizing using mediaLib
Mike Lampard <>
Overlay support for the DXR3 MPEG decoder
Pan & Scan support for the DXR3 MPEG decoder
DVB plugin
DVB subtitle plugin
Moritz Bunkus <>
Seeking support for the Matroska demuxer.
Szymon Stefanek <>
Improved DVB mrls and dvbs, dvbc and dvbt support
Vincent Pelletier <>
Word wrap and other improvements in libsputext.
Daniel Mack <>
native Mac OS X video and audio output plugins
André Pang <>
Mac OS X fixes and framework/frontend work
Annodex and CMML support
Stefan Kristiansson <>
moved Xv initialization from class to plugin context
Ryan Tadlock <>
compensation for the field delay of some deinterlacing algorithms
Casper Boemann <>
reuse stubs for unresolved exports of win32 dlls
Thomas Hellström <>
XxMC driver with reworked XvMC support, including VIA CLE266 vld
Frank van Viegen <>
libsmbclient input plugin
Sylvain Colinet <>
mpl2 subtitle support
Barry Scott <>
fix V4l source selection code by MRL
Reinhard Nißl <>
contributions for VDR interoperability, bugfixes,
overlay blending quality improvements, audio post plugin support for xine-ui,
upmix_mono post plugin
Pekka Jääskeläinen <>
DVB mouse-control and EPG enhancements
Assaf Gillat <>
CDDB protocol 6 support (UTF-8 and multiple cd entries)
Tadashi Jokagi <>
Japanese translation of xine-ui
Piarres Beobide <>
Basque translations (xine-lib and xine-ui)
Keenan Pepper <>
gcc4 patches
Dams Nadé <>
gcc4 patches
Jason Tackaberry <>
plugin loader fixes, expand plugin fixes and non-4/3 display support
Claudio Ciccani <>
completely rewritten DirectFB video out plugin
Maximilian Schwerin <>
support for Vorbis-style comments in FLAC files
Chris Cannam <>
JACK audio driver
Christoph Pfister <>
XCB output plugins
Albert Lee <>
Solaris portability fixes (and other miscellaneous fixes)
(let us know if we've forgotten anyone)
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