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external projects used in libxine and its plugins
This list is provided to give credit to the external project maintainers
that their work is used in xine.
It is also useful to track the versioning and see, which copy of an
external lib needs updating and who (if anyone) is usually doing these
updates (the word 'maintainer' is intentionally avoided here).
project version mediator
goom 2k4-0
gsm610 1.0.10 Mike Melanson
liba52 0.7.4
libca 0.0.5
libdvdnav 0.1.10 Michael Roitzsch
libfaad 2.6.1 Miguel Freitas
libmad 0.15.1b Miguel Freitas
libmpeg2 0.2.1 [*]
libmpcdec 1.2.5
libxdg-basedir 0.1.3 Diego Pettenò
nosefart 2.7-mls Mike Melanson
tvtime Miguel Freitas
vidix cvs 6/03/05 James Stembridge
[*] common question: lastest version of libmpeg2 is 0.3.1, why don't
you update?
the answer is not so simple.
quoting "The old API [0.2.x] was not flexible enough for
most users, as a result various projects (xine, mplayer etc...) ended up
rewriting their own versions of decode.c."
this is indeed true: in order to support a lot of dvd features, menus with
still frames, closed caption decoding and better buffer management for
xine it was needed to patch our libmpeg2 copy. of course we should always
try not to "fork" external projects, but in the libmpeg2/xine case it is
easy to see (from CVS logs) how long did it took to reach the stability
point we have now.
so, while targeting a stable libxine release, there is no hurry in
updating libmpeg2 and this is not the trivial task as it might sound.
note that we have also backported some fixes/improvements from libmpeg2
cvs (eg. motion vector clipping for broken streams). if you need any
specific change or fix feel free to send us a patch or discuss the issue
at xine-devel.
update plan for libmpeg2: we should leave our patched libmpeg2 for
hardware accelerated decoding (xvmc) only and use "libmpeg2new" (containing
updated libmpeg2) for software decoding.
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