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free multimedia
xine-lib is a free multimedia engine, released under the GNU GPL. See COPYING
for details.
see the doc/ directory for more information about xine-lib. You will find
various README files, FAQ and developer documentation (xine hacker's guide)
there. Developers will find additional documentation for xine interfaces
in the form of header file comments in the xine sources (for example the
xine-lib API is documented in the include/xine.h header file).
Individual frontends (e.g. xine-ui, gxine, totem, ...) may provide
additional documentation in their packages.
For more information on xine features (supported multimedia formats etc.)
see the xine homepage, located at
The xine-lib XML parser (src/xine-utils/xmlparser.[ch] and
src/xine-utils/xmllexer.[ch]) is released under the GNU LGPL, see COPYING.LIB
for details.