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Checkout CVS source code:
- Using Cygwin or another cvs tool checkout the xine-lib source code from CVS. (If you are using Cygwin make sure that the drive in which you are checking out
to is mounted in textmode)
Steps for building Xine using MSVC:
- The autogen/make feature does not work for MSVC. You must generate the proper auto-generated using the script. This script can be run from a Cygwin/MinGW shell window. This script will generate the proper files including xine.h, config.h (a hand generated config.h file exists for MSVC in the win32 dir)
- Open up the xine.dsw workspace/project in MSVC.
- Unless you have a project file to build css you must select Cancel when prompted for the libdvdcss.dsp file.
- Click on the FileView tab.
- Build the following projects in this order:
- Next build any desired plugins (decoders/demuxers ...). The ao_out_directx and vo_out_directx are required for Win32. There is an option to use the vo_out_sdl but a sdl.dll must be present for that to take place. There have also been some issues observed with the directX video driver on some machines.
NOTE: Project xineplug_dmx_asf currently does not build correctly.
- Lastly build the xineui project.
- You are now ready to run/debug Xine.