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Generating Realistic Synthetic Data
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Synner is a tool that helps users generate real-looking synthetic data by visually and declaratively specifying the properties of the dataset such as each field’s statistical distribution, its domain, and its relationship to other fields. It provides instant feedback on every user interaction by updating multiple visualizations of the generated dataset and even suggests data generation specifications from a few user examples and interactions. Synner visually communicates the inherent randomness of statistical data generation.



Is this Real? Generating Synthetic Data that Looks Real
Miro Mannino, Azza Abouzied - UIST'19


Short video version

Extended video version

Repository Content

This repository contains:

Synner's source code and the datasets we used for our publications.

How to run Synner

Synner can be run as a server, which also provides the user interface, or as a command line interface application.

Running the server

Synner server can be run by launching the main static method in edu.nyu.dtl.synner.SynnerServerApplication

This method will run Synner's server as a Spring Boot application in the port 5000

Command line interface

Synner can be launched from the command line interface with Java by using the main static method in class edu.nyu.dtl.synner.core.Main

This method accepts a path of a CSV file as console argument, where specifications are written. For example:

  java -classpath "..." edu.nyu.dtl.synner.core.Main my-specifications.json
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