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I have been using gCodeViewer with files generated by Skeinforge and Slic3r for quite a while now and found it performs really well.

Within the last few days I have been evaluating Cura and when I load a file into gCodeViewer I find that the first progress indicator gets to 100% quickly but it seems to take a very long time for the second progress indicator to reach 100%. I am talking about an hour for a 4MB file.

I am puzzled by what is uniquely different about Cura GCode files that causes this behaviour.

I am running gCodeViewer locally on a dual-core 3.3GHz 64-bit system under fedora 20. My browser is FireFox 28. If that helps.


Can you please attach or publish the file you are trying to open? I've been using it with cura myself for last week or so and had no problems so far.


Found the problem. Cura produces GCode based on absolute extrusion distances and my use of Skeinforge and Slic3r had been with relative extrusion distances.

The file contained a M83 code which, I assume, caused gCodeViewer to interpret the absolute values as relative and the filament usage was completely wrong. Changing the M83 to M82 and re-slicing allows gCodeViewer to process the file much faster.

The filament usage is still wrong though. it now produces the following:

Model size is: 150.50x150.50x10.45mm
Total filament used: -1.00mm
Total filament weight used: -0.01grams
Estimated print time: 3:52:37
Estimated layer height: 0.10mm
Layer count: 106printed, 109visited

The dimensions and layer counts are correct but the filament usage and weight are a bit wrong.

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