ModelInfo produces many NaN's #45

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I think it is related to my Slicer (modified skeinforge by myriwell), because noone else reported such problems:

In every .gcode file ''all'' individual layer information are calculated ok (plausible values). But in Model Info most values are shown as NaN (not summed up correctly).

I ''fixed it'' (only better error handling - not really investigated the reason) with:
.in Worker.js
..line 162:
...- totalFilament+=cmds[j].extrusion;
...+ if(cmds[j].extrusion > 0) totalFilament+=cmds[j].extrusion;
..line 181:
...- printTime += printTimeAdd;
...+ if (printTimeAdd > 0) printTime += printTimeAdd;

Example .gcode can be found at: []

Thumbs Up! to the Project after all.


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