Toolbox for generating, tweaking, and applying distortion correction parameters to videos and images
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Distortion Correction tool

This is a tool for generating, tweaking and applying lens distortion correction parameters on videos captured with wide angle/ fisheye lenses.

This tool is based on the OpenCV library and the CVUI lib

Mode 1: Generate camera parameters:

To generate the camera paramaters (camera instrinsic matrix and lens destortion coefficents), take (10 to 30) photos of the calibration pattern in different poses.

Usage : ./DistortionCorrection imges_dir

Example : /DistortionCorrection "data/patternImages/"


images_dir directory of calibration pattern images.


CamaraParams.yaml Computed camera Parameters.

Mode 2: Tweak camera parameters:

This mode will launch an intaractive GUI that will allow you to tweak the camera parameters in the initial .yaml file from Mode 1 for more visually appealing results. Once you are done with tweaking, press the space, escape or enter key to save the outputs.

Usage : ./DistortionCorrection one_image InCameraParams.yaml DisplayScaleFactor

Example 1 : /DistortionCorrection "ExampleData/image.jpg" "data/DistCoeffs.yaml" 2.5

Example 2 : /DistortionCorrection "ExampleData/image.jpg" "data/DistCoeffs.yaml"


InCamaraParams.yaml- input camera Parameters.

one_image - a single frame of the video to be corrected.

DisplayScaleFactor - optional - display scale factor (use when frame size is too large to fit in screen).


CamaraParams.yaml - Tweaked camera Parameters.

CorrectedImage.jpg - Distortion Corrected image.

Mode 3: Apply parameters to a video:

This script takes an input video and output directory and a .yaml file, and produces distortion-corrected images.

Usage : ./DistortionCorrection CamaraParams.yaml inputVid Output

Example 1: ./DistortionCorrection "CamaraParams.yaml" "data/in_video.mp4" "data/out_video.mp4"

Example 2: ./DistortionCorrection "CamaraParams.yaml" "data/in_video.mp4" "data/out_images/*.jpg"


CamaraParams.yaml - camera Parameters file (generted by mode 1 or 2).

inputVid - Input video to be undistorted.

Output - If this is an .mp4 file, it'll write a video stream. If it uses a pattern like directory/*.png or directory/*.jpg, it'll write a series of images.