Send summary messages of your Luigi jobs to Slack
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Luigi Monitor


Send summary messages of your Luigi jobs to Slack.


Luigi is a great tool for making job pipelines, but it's hard to know the status of a run. Luigi has support for error emails, but this requires configuring your machine to send email, which is a hassle for short-lived EMR clusters. Further, it sends an email for every failure, which can quickly swamp your inbox.

By contrast, this tool gathers all your failures and missing dependencies and sends a summary Slack message when the job is finished.


import luigi
from luigi_monitor import monitor


if __name__ == "__main__":
    with monitor(slack_url=<your_slack_url>, max_print=10):


luigi-monitor --module TaskName

NB: if you plan to use luigi-monitor from the command line, set options using luigi.cfg:


This is a work in progress. Particularly, note that:

  • It only sends notifications for FAILURE and DEPENDENCY_MISSING events.
  • It only sends notifications via Slack
  • If you have more than 5 notifications in a category (FAILURE or DEPENDENCY_MISSING), it will notify you of that rather than posting a long list of errors.