jQuery plugin for fragment scrolling with URL manipulation and support for fixed headers
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jQuery plugin for fragment scrolling with URL manipulation and support for fixed headers.

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Scrollomatic can be applied to a set of anchors that navigate to fragments within the page. When an anchor is clicked, the plugin will smooth-scroll to its target and update the URL fragment to the target. Scrollomatic also updates the URL when known targets are visible on the screen.


    duration: 200


The plugin updates the URL fragment when:

  • an anchor is clicked and the page is scrolled to its target
  • the user manually scrolls the page to a point where a target is visible

The plugin supports the following options:

  • duration (milliseconds, default: 500): Scroll animation time.
  • offset (pixels, default: 0): Fixed offset to always consider as the "top of the page" when scrolling; useful for pages with fixed headers. Can be a literal or a function that returns a literal.
  • after (function): Function to execute after scrolling stops after an anchor is clicked. Context will be the clicked anchor. First argument is the fragment being navigated to.


  • Links whose href changes after the plugin is initialized won't be updated in the plugin.
  • The plugin should probably only be invoked once per page. This isn't yet enforced by the plugin.
  • The URL will only be modified if the browser supports replaceState. If not, no URL changes will occur.
  • Only supports vertical scrolling.


Feel free to report any issues or enhancements here on GitHub.