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Hudson Molonglo Pty Ltd member

Oops, thanks Brian. We checked in some half-finished code around subjects and cleverly broke the tests. Glad to see they're working! I've updated the tests to match now.

Our master branch is in a constant state of flux in these early stages, but in the mid-term I'd expect we'll start to work more in branches and aim to keep it pretty stable.


Is the first one the correct set of commands, or the second one? In other words; do I need to run db:migrate? Or just ./build/run bootstrap && ./build/run test && ./build/run integration

Hudson Molonglo Pty Ltd member

As of five minutes ago, just:

./build/run bootstrap && ./build/run test && ./build/run integration

The integration tests were previously writing to a derby directory under "backend/db", which had the potential to cause stuff written by old runs to conflict with the current run. I've switched it to use an in-memory DB now, so it should be more robust.


FYI; works with every combination of

  - jruby-18mode
  - jruby-19mode
  - jruby-head

  - openjdk7
  - oraclejdk7
  - openjdk6

And when you last test passes in travis, you can get this little badge to put on your page:

Build Status

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