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Fire a bunch of queries and updates against an ArchivesSpace backend
Ruby Shell
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This Ruby program creates multiple threads firing record fetch + update requests against the ArchivesSpace backend.

The main program is simulator.rb, and this launches a fixed number of threads (defined by UPDATE_THREADS), each updating a fixed number of records (defined by UPDATES_PER_THREAD) as quickly as possible.

Each running thread logs timing statistics to a corresponding output file: one line labelled "SELECT" which indicates how long it took to retrieve the record from ArchivesSpace, and one lined labelled "UPDATE" which indicates how long it took to save the record back again.

To kick the whole thing off, run the following against a TEST instance of your ArchivesSpace backend:

 cd /path/to/query-simulator
 ./ ""

The program reads a list of URIs (one per line) from the file inputs/records_to_update.txt in the script's working directory. These should correspond to the records in ArchivesSpace that will be fetched and updated during testing. The URIs provided were randomly chosen, with a few particularly large records added manually for good measure.

Output files will be written to output/updates/[thread id].txt within the script's directory. Lines look like this:

 0	SELECT /repositories/5/archival_objects/129299	328.99999618530273
 1	UPDATE /repositories/5/archival_objects/129299	943.000078201294

Lines are tab-delimited to make it easy to import them into a spreadsheet. The first column is the request number, the second describes the request being made against the backend, and the third is the number of milliseconds required to complete the request.

Important note: These tests are destructive in the sense that they will trigger real updates against real records in your database, so don't run them against production.

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