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How to work

All files for production are compiled with Gulp. CSS compiled with PostCSS. JavaScript libs and plugins are concatenated to the single file. Images are optimized. HTML just copied.


  1. Install Node.js.

  2. Install development modules:

     $ npm install

Folders structure

root — configs and dependencies.

build — destination directory. There would be generated assets. Shouldn't be in repository.

dev — source directory for everything:

  • dev root — HTML.
  • img — images.
    • img/temp — temporary images. They don't go to production and for demonstration purpose only.
  • js — JavaScript.
    • js/libs — JavaScript libraries and plugins, that can't be installed via npm.
  • pcss — PostCSS files.

Generate assets

Start watching service which generates dev version on each source file change, also this start local webserver with autoreload:

$ npm start

Generate production (minified and optimized) version:

$ npm run build

Other Gulp-tasks

npm run lint — check code style in stylesheets and JavaScipt files.

npm run deploy — upload files to the server.