Replace baby photos in your Facebook feed with METAL
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Is your Facebook feed full of baby photos? Do you wish it was full of METAL instead? This extension makes baby photos totally brutal, as Thor intended. This was made this for Photo Hack Day 2 NYC:


  1. Go to Facebook, wait for baby photos.
  2. METAL.


METALbook requires Greasemonkey, an extension for Firefox. Install it at Chrome and Opera have some limited userscript support, but its dildos. After installing Greasemonkey, click on the MYSTERY LINK that will be revealed at the METALbook demo at Photo Hack Day 2 in New York.


Unless where otherwise noted, this code is distributed under the Chicken Dance License (CDL). Please see the included copy of the license (LICENSE.txt) for deets and the included example instructions for the chicken dance (DANCE.txt). Video delivery may be conducted via electronic mail by sending a link to the video file directly or through an HTML5-based online viewer, encoded in Ogg Theora format to huertanix at ieee dot org. Physical video delivery will only be accepted in HD-DVD format and must be delivered to the following address:

David Huerta
P.O. Box 2182
Tempe, Arizona 85280-2182