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BOT RANCH!!!!111


Art Hack Day + Sponsors buying booze and Red Bull + Big Screen Plaza access == awful things.

Spam database from: Use spam_to_json.rb to create a JSON collection of spam messages when spam database is updated. You're presumably a big [boy|girl] and can presumably know how to write a script to copy a file to your webserver and time cron to your own amusement.

Paul Christophe (@captdaylight) and I decided spam bots can be tamed and enjoyed. In his case, he envisions an Arduino-powered zoo that visits you when you poo in the bathroom at 319 Scholes. In my nightmare universe, midtown Manhattan is transformed into a spam ranch which shocks and horrifies New Yorkers with unsoliciated solicitation and Comic Sans via an extra big ass-screen. THE HORROR!


Unless where otherwise noted, this website is distributed under the Chicken Dance License (CDL). Please see the included copy of the license (CDL-LICENSE.txt) for deets and the included example instructions for the chicken dance (DANCE.txt). Video delivery may be conducted via electronic mail by sending a link to the video file directly or through an HTML5-based online viewer, encoded in Ogg Theora format to huertanix at ieee dot org. Physical video delivery will only be accepted in HD-DVD format and must be delivered to the following address:

David Huerta
P.O. Box 2182
Tempe, Arizona 85280-2182