Browser-based app for easy to use, accessible encrypted chat.
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###Browser-based app for easy to use, accessible encrypted chat. Cryptocat is an experimental browser-based chat client for easy to use, encrypted conversations. It aims to make encrypted, private chat easy to use and accessible. We want to break down the barrier that prevents the general public from having an accessible privacy alternative that they already know how to use. Cryptocat is currently available for Chrome, Firefox and Safari. It uses the OTR protocol over XMPP for encrypted two-party chat and the (upcoming) mpOTR protocol for encrypted multi-party chat.

Experimental Status

Build Status
Git repository branches are in-development, nightly builds! They may not work at all. For stable usable builds, check the releases section.

Cryptocat is still under development. Only use it for experimentation! We've had quite a few serious bugs in the past couple of years. Reports are available on our blog.


###Google Chrome Run make chrome to build a Google Chrome-loadable .zip extension (or just .zip the directory.)
Also available from the Chrome Web Store.

###Mozilla Firefox Run make firefox to build a Mozilla Firefox-loadable .xpi extension (or just .zip the directory and change the extension to .xpi.)
Also available from Mozilla Firefox Addons.

###Opera Run make opera to build an Opera-compatible .nex extension (or just .zip the directory and change the extension to .nex)
Also available from Opera Addons.

###Apple Safari Apple's model makes an automated build process difficult.
Also available from Cryptocat.

Apple Mac OS X

Run make mac to build as a standalone Mac application. (After running make mac, you can also open src/mac/Cryptocat.xcodeproj to edit & build the project in Xcode normally.) Building the Mac version requires HomeBrew to be installed to fetch a Tor dependency on libevent and openssl. Also available from the Mac App Store.


##Contributing Please see for guidelines on how to contribute.
Please see for guidelines on reporting security issues.

##Documentation & Wiki

##Discussion & Blog

##Builds Builds for all platforms are available for download from GitHub Releases, in addition to the sources above. Please be mindful that GitHub builds do not auto-update.

##Changelog Please review for an account of the changes made with each version update.


Cryptocat is released under the GNU Affero General Public License (AGPL3).

The full license text is included in LICENSE.txt.