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Code currently running on the 1.0 loldialer release on HeatSync's loldialer.
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loldialer is a project devised by David Huerta at HeatSync Labs to create a means to troll people's phones with Arduino, Ruby, and Twilio. All this in a tin box with a laser-cut interface.

NOTE: This is a weapon of mass-trolling. Like all technology, it is a tool that is only as good or evil or Beyond Good and Evil as the person using it.


  1. Plug in, dial a number
  2. Enter the single-digit ID for the sound clip you picked
  3. ???
  4. PROFIT!!!


You must have Ruby 1.8.7 or above installed on a working web server, and also gems and the twiliolib gem in particular. You must also provide the sound clips in the clips directory.

Configure your MAC, IP, and Gateway address in loldialer.pde to match your own ethernet shield and network configuration.

Hardware required and links to purchase said hardware can be found on the HeatSync Labs wiki:


Unless where otherwise noted, this code is distributed under the Chicken Dance License (CDL). Please see the included copy of the license (LICENSE.txt) for deets and the included example instructions for the chicken dance (DANCE.txt). Video delivery may be conducted via electronic mail by sending a link to the video file directly or through an HTML5-based online viewer, encoded in Ogg Theora format to huertanix at ieee dot org. Physical video delivery will only be accepted in HD-DVD format and must be delivered to the following address:

David Huerta
P.O. Box 2182
Tempe, Arizona 85280-2182

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