A supervillain-friendly Ruby port of Douglas Crockford's JSMin
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NOTE: This is experimental, incomplete, and broken. Don't use this for srs bsns, but feel free to use it for evil.

Supervillmin is a supervillain-friendly version of Douglas Crockford's JSMin, the JavaScript Minification Filter. During a bout of CryptoCat hacking at WSJ Transparency Weekend in New York in 2012, it was discovered that JSMin was technically not completely Free software, due to this clause:

The Software shall be used for Good, not Evil.

This clause restricts the use of JSMin from the supervillain community, and we at the [Guild of Calamitous Intent] (http://www.venturefans.org/vbwiki/Guild_of_Calamitous_Intent) decided to build an alternative version that would be truly accessible to all. In Ruby.


Simply run the supervillmin command and pass in the locations of the .js files you wish to combine and compress:

./supervillmin.rb uncompressed_script.js more_uncompressed_script.js even_more_uncompressed_script.js

This will create a combined/compressed file named build.js which you can then move and rename to your particular amusement.


This script is distributed under the MIT license, a supervillain-friendly treatise. Please see the included copy of the license for deets.