Humanist sans serif family, part of Alegreya "super family"

Alegreya Sans

This file provides detailed information on the Alegreya Sans Font Software.

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This information should be distributed along with the Alegreya Sans fonts and any derivative works.

Basic Font Information

Alegreya Sans is a humanist sans serif family with a calligraphic feeling that conveys a dynamic and varied rhythm. This gives a pleasant feeling to readers of long texts.

The family follows humanist proportions and principles, just like the serif version of the family, Alegreya. It achieves a ludic and harmonious paragraph through elements carefully designed in an atmosphere of diversity.

The italics bring a strong emphasis to the roman styles, and each have seven weights to bring you a wide typographic palette.

Alegreya Sans provides for advanced typography with OpenType Features such as small caps, ligatures, fractions, four set of figures, super and subscript characters, ordinals, localized accent forms for Catalan, GuaranĂ­, Romanian, Turkish, and others.

The Alegreya type system is a "super family", originally intended for literature, and includes sans and serif sister families.


02 Dec 2013 (Juan Pablo del Peral) Alegreya Sans v1.000

  • First release

08 Jan 2014 (Juan Pablo del Peral) Alegreya Sans v1.001

  • Fixed Dcroat in all the fonts

  • Removed aphostrophe Opentype replacement

  • Added some kerning pairs

28 Jul 2014 (Juan Pablo del Peral)

  • Fixed dotbellow character

  • Fixed copyright

  • Added .glyphs files


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N: Juan Pablo del Peral



D: Original Type Designer