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Software Engineering

Huffington Post iOS Engineer

New York, NY

Apply to with your Github URL and resume.

Are you ready to rain change down on the world of digital journalism? Are you tired of waiting for the future of media and want to help HuffPost invent it? The Huffington Post continues to have a substantial impact on how millions of people around the world consume and converse about the important event in their lives. We publish more than a thousand articles and blog posts every day. We have over 200 million comments from our fiercely loyal community. Our Pulitzer Prize winning editors and reporters have been recognized as industry leaders. But the best kept secret about HuffPost is the world class engineering and design team who work hand-in-hand with our editorial staff to create some of the most innovative Internet media applications on the web, on your pad, and on your phone. With million of users and billions of page views every month the Huffington Post challenges the engineer and designer with a huge audience and a chance to make a significant difference in the lives of people all over the world.

As a member of the HuffPost Tech Team you will start launching new software ASAP. We use a real-world agile development process that includes rapid development of new products designed by small teams working closely with our tech-savvy data-driven editors. We are innovating on the web with partners like TED Talks and leading editorial teams in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Africa; on mobile with new and ground breaking iOS and Android applications and responsive websites; and with our realtime video network HuffPost Live.

HuffPost Tech Team members are hardcore software development and design professionals who take user interface design and coding seriously but have a great time while doing so. We don't know the difference between work and play. Not only do we have healthy snacks, nap rooms, and a ping pong table but a Minecraft server as well. The HuffPost Tech Team is small enough that you get to know everyone but large enough that you'll find a great work-life balance.


  • Work with world class Editors, Designers, and Product Managers to maintain and create the next generation HuffPost's Google iOS apps for iPad and iPhone
  • Prototype new and redesigned features that take full advantage advanced iOS features including camera, location awareness, and accelerometer
  • Develop high touch, smooth as silk, intuitive, and delightful apps
  • Take advantage of the advanced features in UIKit, Core Image, Core Data, AirPlay and iCould Storage
  • Stay up-to-date on the innovations in Apple mobile technology and platforms
  • Ensure HuffPost take advantage of the best practices for iOS engineering

General Requirements

  • Experience with ticketing systems like JIRA
  • Experience with Test Driven Development and Continuous Integration
  • Experience with Agile Development
  • Experience with MySQL, Unix, and Open Source Software
  • Experience with Design Patterns, Object Oriented Programming, and Functional Programming
  • Sense of humor
  • Strong interest in journalism, media, or any of the liberal arts

Specific Requirements

  • Expertise and experience with Xcode tools and debugging
  • Expertise and experience with iOS SDK and Objective-C
  • Expertise and experience with Apple coding and design standards


The HuffPost NYC office is located at the corner of Broadway and East 9th Street. We're next door to the East Village and best ramen noodles in Manhattan (this fact alone is crucial). Under our building you'll find the N and R subway trains and we're just a short walk away from Union Square (A, C, E, 4, 5, 6, and L Trains). On your way to and from the office you'll run into the famous Strand Bookstore, Forbidden Planet Comic Book Shop, New York University, and Cooper Union.

Apply to with your Github URL and resume.

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