Huggle 3 QT-LX is an anti-vandalism tool for use on MediaWiki based projects
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Huggle 3 QT-LX is an anti-vandalism tool for use on Wikipedia and other MediaWiki sites, written in C++ (QT framework). It is officialy supported for Windows (2000 or newer), MacOS and Linux (debian/ubuntu).

Build Status


IMPORTANT: Since 3.1.19 you must download submodules in folder libs using git:

git submodule init
git submodule update

If you didn't download this repository using git, there should be a guide on where you can download the libraries from in the respective folders.

Libraries and tools you need to have to build:

  • C++11 compiler
  • CMake 2.8.9 or higher is required
  • QT4 sdk (libqt4-dev libqt4-webkit libqt4-network qt4-qmake libqtwebkit-dev libqt4-dev-bin qt4-dev-tools)
  • (optional) QT5 sdk (libqt5webkit5-dev qt5-default qtquick1-5-dev qtlocation5-dev qtsensors5-dev qtscript5-dev qtdeclarative5-dev)
  • (optional) Python (libpython-dev)



  • checkout this repository
  • cd REPO/huggle, execute
# The --extension option works only if you cloned this repository using git
# if you downloaded a gzip file, you can only use it after downloading them
# by hand into 'huggle/extension_list' folder
./configure --extension --qt4 #you can use --qt5 in case you have it
cd huggle_release
sudo make install


WebKit vs Chromium

Qt4 - Qt5.4 supports WebKit, which is a default backend for Huggle. Newer Qt support only Chromium backend (code named WebEngine)

If you want to build huggle with Qt newer than 5.4 you will have to enable it like this:

./configure --qt5 --web-engine

Or alternatively if you are starting cmake by hand, just pass it -DWEB_ENGINE=true parameter


To enable python engine you need to:

On linux / mac: run ./configure with --python option, for example

./configure --qt5 --python

Note: you need to have cmake 3.0.0 or newer for this to work

On windows you need to run cmake with -DHUGGLE_PYTHON=TRUE for it to work

Now rebuild Huggle and hope for the best!

If you manage to compile it, you can insert your .py extensions to HUGGLEROOT/extensions, for more information ask for help on our irc channel.


Developers: and

This is a documentation for users: and

Getting help

We have an IRC-channel irc:// so if you need any kind of help please go there.


Everyone is allowed to send their pull requests to this repository, and all regular contributors get a developer access to directly push if they need it. If you want to join the Huggle developer team, please see and insert yourself.

This repository is running CI using travis, if you want to change anything which doesn't require sanity check, like documentation or comments, please append [ci skip] to your message.

Reporting bugs

Please use

Support us

Your donations are welcome and help us focus on the development even more:

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Huggle 3 is licensed under GPL v3+, some contents of this repository may be licensed under different license. See the local README or file headers for more information.