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Command line utility to preview markdown in a browser.

Mark Example



brew install hughbien/tap/mark

This will install Crystal as a dependency. If you already have a non-homebrew Crystal installed, you can use the --ignore-dependencies crystal option.

Linux (From Source)

Checkout this repo, run make and make install (requires Crystal):

git clone
cd mark
make install


Render a markdown file in your browser:

mark <>

By default, this renders markdown into the target file .mark.html of the current directory. This target file is deleted after being opened in the browser. You can specify a different target location via the -t/--target option. Or set the MARK_TARGET env var:

mark --target /path/to/target.html <>

Note that this may break relative assets like images. To prevent deletion after opening, use the -k/--keep option. Or set the MARK_KEEP env var.

mark --keep <>

Without --keep, the target file is kept for 300ms by default. To extend this time use the -K/--keep-for option or set the MARK_KEEP_FOR env var.

mark --keep-for 500 <>

You can create your own template too. Just create an HTML template, the string #{BODY} will be substituted with the rendered markdown. The default location for the template is ~/.mark/template.html. Or you can specify it with -T/--template.

mark --template /path/to/template.html <>

Mark uses open to open the rendered file by default. To override this, either use the MARK_OPEN env var or -o/--open option. Pass a string with the % placeholder, which will be the filename.

mark --open "firefox %" <>


Use make for common tasks:

make spec                         # to run all tests
make spec ARGS=path/to/spec       # to run a single test
make build                        # to create a release binary in the bin directory
make install                      # to copy release binary into system bin (uses $INSTALL_BIN)
make clean                        # to remove build artifacts and bin directory
make run ARGS="" # to run locally
make run ARGS=-h                  # to run with local arguments