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Thyme is a console pomodoro timer.


$ gem install thyme


Start thyme with:

$ thyme
[=                                        ] 24:59

You'll have 25 minutes by default. Ctrl-C to interrupt. You can also start it in daemon mode, which is only useful if you've got tmux integration to notify you of the timer:

$ thyme -d

Some other useful commands:

$ thyme           # run again to pause/unpause
$ thyme -s        # stops daemon
$ thyme -d -r     # repeats timer until you manually stop it
$ thyme -d -r 10  # repeats timer exactly 10 times


Configurations live in the ~/.thymerc file:

set :timer, 25*60              # 25 minute pomodoros
set :timer_break, 5*60         # 5 minute breaks
set :warning, 5*60             # show warning color in tmux at <5 minutes, 0 to disable
set :warning_color, 'red,bold' # warning color for tmux is red/bold
set :break_color, 'blue'       # break color is blue
set :interval, 1               # refresh timer every 1 second
set :tmux, true                # turn on tmux integration
set :tmux_theme, "#[fg=mycolor,bg=mycolor]#[fg=%s]%s#[fg=mycolor,bg=mycolor]"

# adds `-t --today` option, which opens a text file in vim
option :t, :today, 'open today sheet' do
  `vim -O ~/ ~/ < \`tty\` > \`tty\``

# adds `-s --seconds num` option, which allows on the fly timer
option :s, 'seconds num', 'run with custom seconds' do |num|
  set :timer, num.to_i

# execute hook before thyme program starts
before(:all) do
  `mplayer ~/music/flight-of-the-bumble-bee.mp3 &`

# execute hook before each pomodoro
before do
  `terminal-notifier -message "Let's get started!"`

# execute hook after each pomodoro
after do |seconds_left|
  `terminal-notifier -message "Thyme's Up!"` if seconds_left == 0

# execute hook after thyme program quits
after(:all) do
  `mplayer ~/music/victory.mp3 &`


For tmux integration, make sure to set the :tmux option in ~/.thymerc:

set :tmux, true

Then in your .tmux.conf file:

set-option -g status-right '#(cat ~/.thyme-tmux)'
set-option -g status-interval 1

For vim integration, I like to execute thyme -d to toggle the timer. This only works if you have tmux integration setup for the countdown:

nmap <leader>t :!thyme -d<cr>


Thyme's functionality can also be extended with plugins. They'll usually be installed in ~/.thymerc like this:

require 'thyme_growl'
use ThymeGrowl, text: 'Go take a break!'

You can create your own plugins. They implement these methods:

class MyThymePlugin
  def initialize(thyme, options={})
    # `thyme` is an instance of Thyme::Config (see lib/thyme/config.rb)

  def before_all
    # code to run when thyme starts up

  def before
    # code to run when timer starts

  def tick(seconds_left)
    # code to run each tick

  def after(seconds_left)
    # code to run when timer stops

  def after_all
    # code to run when thyme program ends

The before_all, before, tick, after, and after_all methods are all optional.


Copyright Hugh Bien - Released under BSD License, see for more info.