Image Preprocessing

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After you've taken images of your fibre slides, they need to be preprocessed before feeding to the model.

Preprocessing steps

The preprocessing stage does three steps:

  1. re-orient the image so that it appears perfectly flat
  2. snip out the large black rectangular section
  3. convert the image to black-and-white, emphasising all pixels that are of a particular hue range - highlighting your fluorescent fibres.

Basic preprocessing

After converting your images into .tiff format:

$ source activate fluorescent-fibre-counting
$ python -m preprocess <directory containing your images> <directory you want to store preprocessed images in>

Calibrating hue ranges for your fibres

The default calibration expects green fluorescent fibres. If you have a different colour - or shade - you want to count, then use the --min-hue and --max-hue options for python -m preprocess. The hue values range from 0. to 1..

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