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Huxtable is an R package for creating HTML and LaTeX tables. It provides similar functionality to xtable, but does more, with a simpler interface. Features include:

  • Control over text styling, number format, background colour, borders, padding and alignment.
  • Table cells can span multiple rows and/or columns.
  • Table manipulation via standard R subsetting, or using dplyr.
  • Automatic formatting for knitr/rmarkdown documents.
  • huxreg() function for quick creation of regression tables.
  • Output to Microsoft Word, Excel or Powerpoint using the officer and openxlsx packages.
  • Quick one-liners to print data frames into a new PDF, HTML page or Microsoft document.
  • Formatted table display in the R console, including borders, colour, and text styles.


To install from CRAN:


To install the latest version from github:


Learning more

Check out the website, read the documentation or read the vignette in HTML or PDF.