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  • Assembly / Michael Hardt & Antonio Negri
  • Civil wars: a history in ideas / David Armitage
  • Bullshit Jobs: a theory / David Graeber
  • Deep Time Dreaming / Billy Griffiths
  • Dark emu / Bruce Pascoe
  • A field guide to getting lost / Rebecca Solnit
  • Call them by their true names / Rebecca Solnit
  • 1787: The lost chapters of Australia's beginnings / Nick Brodie
  • The Communist Manifesto: with an introduction by Gareth Stedman Jones / Karl Marx & Friedrich Engels
  • Work: the last 1,000 years / Andrea Komlosy
  • Trigger warnings: political correctness and the rise of the right / Jeff Sparrow
  • No such thing as a free gift: The Gates Foundation and the price of philanthropy / Linsey McGoey
  • Against the grain: A deep history of the earliest states / James C Scott
  • Psychogeography / Merlin Coverley
  • Wikipedia and the politics of openness / Nathaniel Tkacz
  • Made by humans / Ellen Broad
  • How we learn / Benedict Carey
  • Algorithms of oppression / Safiya Noble
  • Empire of cotton: a new history of global capitalism / Sven Beckert
  • The traitor Baru Cormorant / Seth Dickinson (fiction)
  • 1835: the founding of Melbourne and the conquest of Australia / James Boyce
  • Convenience store woman / Sayaka Murata (fiction)
  • Masked by trust: bias in library discovery / Matthew Reidsma
  • Going offline / Jeremy Keith
  • Being numerous: essays on non-Fascist life / Natasha Lennard
  • Twitter and tear gas: the power and fragility of networked protest / Zeynep Tufekci
  • In praise of shadows / Junichiro Tanizaki

Note: I probably wouldn't have bothered listing The Communist Manifesto, which is only 40 pages, but the "Introduction" is 200 pages long and quite interesting.

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