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A command line tool to delete your old toots: 🥳 ==> 🧼 ==> 😇


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🥳 ==> 🧼 ==> 😇

ephemetoot is a Python command line tool for deleting old toots.

As Mastodon now has similar functionality built in, ephemetoot is now in maintenance mode - no new features will be added, only security updates.


You should have Python3 and pip installed, and an app access token on hand. More detail information is available in the docs

Install with pip:

pip install ephemetoot

Create a config file:

ephemetoot --init

Do a first run in --test mode:

ephemetoot --test

Find out about other options:

ephemetoot --help


You can also read the docs at

Prior and related work

The initial ephemetoot script was based on this tweet-deleting script by @flesueur

ephemetoot relies heavily on the package by @halcy

Looks like Gabriel Augendre had the same idea. You might prefer to use Gabriel's cleantoots instead.


You can use ephemetoot to delete Mastodon toots that are older than a certain number of days (default is 365). Toots can optionally be saved from deletion if:

  • they are pinned; or
  • they include certain hashtags; or
  • they have certain visibility; or
  • they are individually listed to be kept


ephemetoot is tested using pytest.

For bugs or other contributions, please check the contributing guide.


This project and all contributions are licensed under the GPL 3.0 or future version