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A nodejs script to migrate Ghost blogs to WordPress
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Ghost to Wordpress Blog Migration Tool

Version 1.2.0

This script can be used to migrate a Ghost blog to Wordpress.

You will get the full HTML content, author, and tags for all posts and pages, including whether it's a page or a post, published or draft, and featured/sticky or not.


  • Export your Ghost site data.
  • make sure you have node installed on your machine (if you've been using Ghost, you probably already have it, at least on your server)
  • Download ghost-to-wordpress, then run these two commands:

npm install

npm start path/to/your/exportfile.json

  • Import the new WP_import.xml file to your WordPress site using the Wordpress Importer plugin - you will be able to map authors to existing users in Wordpress before the post and page import begins.

Caveats & Limitations

You will need to migrate images manually. Wordpress does not have an easy way to import images with a WXR file, and Ghost doesn't have an easy way to export them with the rest of the posts info. If it's any consolation, I feel your pain.

Ghost doesn't have categories so this only imports tags. You can use the WordPress categories to tags converter importer if you want to change some tags to categories once imported.


  • publish npm package maybe


GPL 3+

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