@hughrun hughrun released this Feb 6, 2019

This fixes a major bug with pocketsnack refresh and pocketsnack stash.

Without this fix, if your List is large, items will not have tags updated or be archived, due to an HTTP error 414.

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@hughrun hughrun released this Feb 3, 2019

This release brings weekly scheduling, logging, and updated documentation.


You can now set up weekly or daily scheduling of the refresh job. This will auto-archive everything in the user List, and then replace it with unread items from the Archive - according to the parameters set in settings.py.


If you use launchd (i.e. you are using a Mac rather than Linux), any outputs will be logged to pocketsnack.log and any errors logged to pocketsnack-error.log, which will be created in the pocket-snack directory.


The README has been improved to provide clearer instructions for setting up pocketsnack, and clarification about how launchd works.

This release has been tested and is expected to work, however as usual if you find any bugs or notice anything weird, please log an issue with as much detail as possible.

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Jan 26, 2019
Version 1.1.0
This release covers most of the core functionality of `pocketsnack`.

A bash script - install.sh - will authorise the app, optionally set up an automated daily `refresh`, and allow commands to be run using `pocketsnack [argument]`.
Jan 4, 2019
hopefully resolves #8
Jan 4, 2019


version 1 complete, still needs instructions and examples for setting…
… up automated jobs