Circular linked lists
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A circular linked list, quickly whipped up based on the implementation in jcoglan's article.

Useful in place of an array when you don't need indexing but you do need to be able add/remove elements really quickly.


npm install circular-list


LinkedList = require('circular-list')

The linked list class definition.

var list = new LinkedList

Creates a new linked list, which you can add/remove nodes from.

var node = new LinkedList.Node(data)

Nodes are used to represent an item in the list. These are just wrappers so you don't have to modify the original object. They contain first and last properties so that they can be traversed, and a data property which contains the original value passed to the node.


Appends a node to the end of a list.

list.insert(before, after)

Inserts the after node after before in the list.


Removes a node from the list.


Iterates over the list, calling iterator( for each node.