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Sick of pressing CTRL+C, UP, UP, ENTER? Spawn processes with a single key press, and shave milliseconds off your day.


$ [sudo] npm install -g clavier


Usage: clavier -[key] 'command'
  Runs commands on specific keypresses.

  clavier -q "echo hello" -Q "echo world"

  Will run "echo hello" when you press Q,
  and "echo world" when pressing SHIFT+Q.

  --debounce  Minimum time between spawning the same process again (seconds).
  --verbose   Verbose logging.
  --restart   Kill any processes already running, per-key.
  --timeout   Kill any processes if they're still alive after X seconds.
  --prespawn  Spawn each process on startup.

Each single-character flag you pass represents the key binding, and their value the command to run. This command will restart your Node server on pressing r:

$ clavier -r 'node app.js' --restart --prespawn