webgl-noise shaders ported to work with glslify
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glsl-noise frozen

webgl-noise ported to an NPM package so that you can require it from glslify.



// Require as many or as little as you need:
#pragma glslify: snoise2 = require(glsl-noise/simplex/2d)
#pragma glslify: snoise3 = require(glsl-noise/simplex/3d)
#pragma glslify: snoise4 = require(glsl-noise/simplex/4d)
#pragma glslify: cnoise2 = require(glsl-noise/classic/2d)
#pragma glslify: cnoise3 = require(glsl-noise/classic/3d)
#pragma glslify: cnoise4 = require(glsl-noise/classic/4d)
#pragma glslify: pnoise2 = require(glsl-noise/periodic/2d)
#pragma glslify: pnoise3 = require(glsl-noise/periodic/3d)
#pragma glslify: pnoise4 = require(glsl-noise/periodic/4d)

attribute vec3 position;

// And just treat them as functions like
// you normally would:
void main() {
  gl_FragColor = vec4(snoise3(position), 1.0);