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Steganography cheap trick - hide string data in the least-significant bits of an array.
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Hide string data in the least-significant bits of an array. It's an easy way of, say, storing information in images invisibly. If you're feeling game, try hiding data in a JPG's DCT coefficients, maybe with jpgjs :)

See example code for image hiding in the demo or voxel-painter.


$ npm install lsb


require('lsb').encode(channel, stegotext, [iterator])

Where channel is the array to hide the stegotext string in. iterator is an optional callback for determining the index of each hidden byte, if you want to get tricky.

require('lsb').decode(channel, [iterator])

Once encodeded, use this on the same channel array to return the hidden string. If you used an iterator callback before, you'll need to use it again here or you'll get garbage text.

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